has marina ever worn high waisted shorts bc i have a need to see her in high waisted shorts

yes she has im p sure???? !!!!!

i just got my boob's measured just because and i'm a 32DDD and so over here i am trying to fathom how her boobs are like 28G?! HWUT I THOUGHT I WAS HUGE I CANT

omfg im screaming

damn, ma

damn, ma



does she have a boyfriend?

i dont believe so anymore, no

happy meal and pancake karma?

Happy Meal:Fear the things you could achieve if you thought better of yourself, but you prefer to fuck up your mental health” and “And you, I doubt you ever bothered to see what’s going on in her head… well it’s easy to judge and it’s easy to say what you said, no its eaaasy soooo eassyyy to saaaAaaaAAAaAaaaAAAAAA-aaaeeee-saaayeeeeeeee what you said”

Pancake Karma: Syrupy, syrupy lies. Ran down the streets with pancake gods saying ‘We can see your guilty, guilty eyes… tonight a pancake thief dies’”


Favorite lyrics from Valley of the Dolls or Buy The Stars? :)

Valley of the Dolls is prob my fav from Electra Heart bc i read the book after marina told about the movie inspiring the song!!! omg i love it sm

Valley Of The Dolls: "born with a void hard to destroy with love or hope, built with a heart broken from the start and now, I die slow" and "in my life I got this far - now I’m ready for the last hoorah" and "pick a personality for free when you feel like nobody" and "racing down into oblivion.. back to zero, here we go, I can feel it coming to the end"


Starlight (it's unreleased)

starlight is actually one of my favs omfg it was one of the first songs i learned by ear on the piano 

Starlight: "You spilled the beans in January, timed it perfectly after your granny died *tsk tsk tsk* You knew I wouldn’t shoot a man when he was down; well done, Pinocchio, you told a lie. I wouldn’t take advantage of a cut up heart" and "You’ve a massive heart, but you’re fucked up, kid" 

ugnsdigbnrsjkgn i absolutely love starlight so much

Hollywood and Miss Y

Hollywood: "do anything for a dime, looking for the golden light"

Miss Y: answered!

Miss Y pleeaassee ^u^

Miss Y: "For the honor, the honor to be great" and "oh, Marina, we’re so sorry, but you didn’t make the cut"